Westie Gifts

You already have the perfect dog and now you need equally perfect Westie gifts to remind you of your little guy or gal. What better way to profess your love for the West Highland White Terrier breed than with a little bragging bling for your home, your car, your friends, family and yourself?

The Westie, as the West Highland White Terrier is affectionately called, is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. She’s known as the small dog with a big dog personality, and that makes her a star among those who prefer dogs who can stand their own ground but don’t want the hassle – or expense – of a bigger dog.

Inspirational Westie Gift Ideas

westie gift ideasDog lovers like to express their devotion to their favourite breed, and Westie owners are among the most passionate of fur kid fans. That’s why we’ve assembled some of the best gifts featuring the West Highland White Terrier.

Westie owners, family, children and friends alike who are looking for Westie gift ideas will find satisfaction in knowing they’ve selected exactly the right expression of love and gratitude with these choices.

Gifts for Westie lovers are always a good decision when it comes to gift giving.

Westie Gift Ideas for the Home

Wonderful Westie Cushions

Dress up the décor in any room of your home by adding pillows that promote your favourite dog. There are a variety of adorable Westies on cushions you’ll love having in your home. Look for pillows with sage advice such as “Keep calm and hug a Westie” or splash a little fun on your sofa with a digital print of your favourite dog breed. This is your chance to toss around spots of colour and personality with an occasional Westie throw pillow.

All Sorts of Westie Bags and Satchels

You can take your dog everywhere with you when you opt for Westie bags. These bags come in the form of totes, reusable bags, cosmetic bags and more. If you can imagine what you want in the way of a bag, you can have it created in the size and material of your preference.

Don’t stop with just one bag. No one can never have enough useful bags for carrying the necessities, and advertising the Westie breed gives you the opportunity to talk about the joys of having a Westie in your home. Use these bags for an eco-friendly way to transport groceries, carry books to and from the library, or just to stash dog care items, like all the grooming tools your
Westie needs to be at his handsome best.

The discriminating Westie owner may also appreciate more traditional bags featuring their favourite dog. You can purchase rucksacks, purses, wallets and travel carries that feature the little West Highland White Terrier sitting patiently, as though waiting for your return. A traditional bag with Westies defines you as a person of distinct tastes and yet knows how to set all seriousness aside and have a little fun.

Westie Mugs

You know your Westie likes mugging for the camera and being the centre of attention, so why not have your tea in a mug that shows off your love for all things Westie? It’s a great way to begin your morning or end your day, and there’s a style for every taste. By serving yourself and any house guest a beverages in Westie mug, you’ll will remind them and yourself how much you love your canine companion.

Fun Westie Homeware

westie terrier puppyDon’t stop with mugs. Westie gifts for the home include an array of designer goods that illustrate how important your Westie is to you. From tapestry patterns that capture the mighty personality of the Westie, to umbrellas, porcelain plates, coasters, door mats, trays and more, you can show who the real hero of your home is.

Small Westie reminders, like a china Westie salt and pepper set or a porcelain Westie planter can be a subtle gesture that says your Westie is a valued member of the household.

Westie Ornaments

Even the holidays are incomplete without Westie gifts and ornaments. Use Westie ornaments to remind you of your favourite Westies past and present. Sometimes a small keepsake like a Westie Christmas tree ornament brings back fond memories of a cherished pet who has already crossed the Rainbow Bridge to wait for you. Smaller ornaments can often be used as fan pulls and larger ornaments can be displayed on a special stand well beyond the holiday season.

Westie Garden Statue

Of course, your Westie ornaments aren’t meant only for inside the house. Fabulous Westie gifts for the garden and other outdoor areas include life sized statues of your furry pal. Choose from resin, concrete or handcast stone Westie garden statues. These icons will be a welcome outdoor addition you’ll be proud to display, nestled among the flowers or standing resolutely near the door. Go all out with Westie weather vanes in copper metal, topiaries trimmed as perfectly as your West Highland White Terrier, and garden flags that capture the spirit of the Westie in vivid hues.

All Things Westie

Westie Accessories for all Occassions

Do your friends, family and co-workers wonder what to give you on special occasions? Drop a few hints by wearing Westie jewelry that won’t go unnoticed. These pieces will not only add to your collection of all things Westie, but they’re sure to be conversation starters as well.

Westie Jewellery for Her

Begin with a silver charm bracelet and add the ultimate Westie gift: silver Westie charm. This tiny tyke is every bit as adorable as the dog after which it has been fashioned, from the round and bright eyes to an alert tail signalling that he’s ready to go wherever you go. Every detail has been captured vividly, from the confident Westie stance to the inquisitive expression of this breed.

Add to your collection of Westie jewelry with rings, pavé or plain earrings, Westies captured in Paua shell and mother of pearl, and for the ultimate piece in your collection, a Westie brooch you can use to fasten your Tartan on windy days. You’re sure to find the right statement in jewelry, whether you prefer something small and subtle or pieces that attract attention to the object of your heart: your Westie.

Westie Jewellery for Him

Even men can get in on the act with Westie cufflinks that add that extra debonair dash to French cuffs.

It’s always appropriate to commemorate a special occasion with any type of Westie jewelry, but there are several clothing options as well, including scarves, caps and even boots. Imagine how cute it would be to walk your Westie in the rain while wearing Westie Wellies.

Westie on Board

It’s likely that you and your Westie do more than play and snuggle at home or go for walks. Westies like to travel in the car as much as you do, and that’s why you need auto gear to show how muchwestie products your Westie means to you.

Whether you’re a Westie dad, you’ve got a rescued Westie, or you are enjoying the Westie Life, there’s a car sticker for you. Westie decals are just as appropriate for your musical instrument case, notebook, laptop, mobile or any other flat smooth surface needing a little Westie bling. Even bumper stickers can tell the world what your Westie means to you.

As the two of you hit the road together, even if it’s across town to the groomer’s, don’t forget to take your favourite travel cup with you. Not only will you be staying hydrated, but your purchase will also help rescued animals with food and care. You can feel good about spreading a little Westie love around to others.

Westie Gifts and Memorabilia You’ll Cherish

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who own Westies and those who want to own Westies. Both types can enjoy Westie décor and jewelry, and gifts featuring the West Highland White Terrier quickly become treasures.

Whether you shop in a brick and mortar store like Harrod’s or online at Amazon for your Westie gifts, you can find Westie gift ideas for every occasion and sentiment. Perhaps some of the best Westie gifts are those that can be personalized as a tribute to your own dog. Try out some of the available custom pet portraits in Etsy, where artists can create bespoke, one of a kind items just for you.

gifts for westie loversIt’s no secret that the Westie lends his own dose of pure personality to his pack. If you are the fortunate owner of a Westie, or a house guest in a home with one or more Westies, consider selecting stylish hostess gifts for Westie lovers.

Your thoughtful gesture will not go unappreciated, and if you’re buying for yourself, you can add decorative touches to your home and wardrobe that are every bit as personable as your dog.

When your bestie is a Westie, you won’t be bashful about sharing your feelings with these Westie gift ideas.

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