Easy Home Preparations for Raising a Westie Puppy

Raising a Westie puppy puts you face to face with a larger than life personality in a small and quite adorable canine body. Are you ready? In this article we cover the some topics that are best sorted before the puppy arrives home for the first time:

  • Preparing Your Home for Raising a Westie Puppy
  • Puppy Gear You Will Need
  • Westie Support Team For You and your new Westie Puppy

 Preparing Your Home for Raising a Westie Puppy

1.Confine Your Westie Puppy Movements about the House

Westie, West Highland White Puppy

A large household can overwhelm a puppy with so many sights, smells, and sounds. When bringing your new pup home for the first time, it is ideal to restrict him to one or two rooms, such as the kitchen, den, or laundry room.

This will allow you to easily keep track of your little guy while keeping him safe. What’s more, this confinement makes it easier to clean up after your new family addition’s accidents.

2.Safe Puppy Environment

With your Westie puppy’s large personality comes an equally large sense of curiosity. It is wise to puppy-proof its new area by removing anything your White West Highland Terrier may chew on (wires, cables), bump into or break, and even anything the puppy may soil.

bringing a puppy home for the first time

Be sure to remove any cleaning chemicals or supplies, garbage, plants, or anything your puppy may try to ingest – to a young puppy, it’s all fair game.

3.Westie Dog Crate

Find a crate or kennel for your Westie puppy. When choosing a crate, the correct size is important, remembering that your puppy will grow and needs to be able to stand and sit comfortably in the crate.

They come in styles, open and closed, fixed or folding and will provide a safe haven for your puppy for when you aren’t about while helping your puppy feel more secure.

4.Dog Bedding

When choosing bedding for your sleeping Westie, remember to purchase at least two, so that one may be washed while the other is in use. It is also recommended that the bedding be of a soft and plush material that your puppy can nestle down into for a little puppy nap.

5.Puppy Potty Training

One of the most important pieces of information a Westie owner can have is how to potty-train your new puppy. You can put newspaper on the floor to catch messes, but store-bought puppy-pads are an alternative. They are much more absorbent and are easily disposed of. Remember to use non-hazardous disinfectant and wipes for cleaning up after your new baby.

Raising a healthy Westie puppy requires the right food, training and sleeping arrangements, as well a professional advice form your vet and groomer.

Puppy Gear You Need for Raising a Westie Puppy

Before your new puppy comes home, it’s necessary to have everything for your dog’s safety and comfort. Some Westie puppy gear you will need includes food, water, shelter, toys, identification, bedding, grooming supplies, and of course, treats.

Documents Folder

Identification is a must for your puppy. Having the correct documentation is important if you and your Westie are ever separated or if she becomes lost. Proper documentation will provide immunization records, breeding information, and owner addresses and phone numbers.

Your vet will help you get all the shots your Westie requires, and a list of necessary medications. You will also be provided with identification tags for your puppy. Be sure to buy a collar for your Westie, so she can sport her tags.

Collar and Leads

puppy gear for a Westie First puppy collars are usually light weight, soft and pliable will need adjusting or changing within a few months as puppies quickly outgrow their first collars.

Fit Your Westie Puppies Collar Correctly

A properly fitted collar allows 2 to 3 fingers to slide inside the collar and lay against your Westies neck. Puppies grow quickly and easily outgrow their collars so care in watching this.

There are many fun colors and styles to choose from including matching leads and a lot of fun is had in this department!

Toys for Westies

Once your Westie is home, she’ll will require plenty of distraction and exercise. This means plenty of toys for your westie puppy. Toys for Westiesl need to be durable and are size-appropriate. Puppies enjoy a variety of toys for Westie play and the toys help your dog in many ways.

toys for westie puppies

Best Toys for Westies

• Chew toys are good for gnawing
• Soft toys provide comfort
• Fetching toys are good for your Westie’s teeth and exercises the gums
• Treat dispensing devices are helpful for training and critical thinking when your puppy completes a specific task

Puppy Food

  • The most important thing for your young West Highland Terrier is healthy food and plenty of water. Your westie breeder will advise you on what puppy food brands and food your westie puppy has weaned onto.
  • Buy food and water bowls for your puppy and research the right food for your pet; avoid high preservative products and corn products to reduce the likelihood of allergies for your dog.
  • Plenty of dog food brands on the market are ranked according to health-value and quality. Be sure to find the right one for your puppy to help it grown into a strong, healthy adult.
  • Remember to exercise the same research and precautions when buying treats, as your Westie will want plenty of them.

Grooming Gear

Grooming supplies will be a necessity in your household. While you may take you Westie to a professional groomer for most of his care, your puppy will need to be bathed and cleaned regularly at home, and you’ll want to brush him on a regular basis as well. This will require shampoo, conditioner, a brush, ear-cleaning solution, nail clippers, and plenty of towels.

The Westie Support Team

An entire support team for one little Westie? You bet! Like true royalty, he wouldn’t have it any other way!

Are Westies hard to Train?

No Westies are not hard to train but caring for a new Westie puppy can tucker out the both of you. Your young pup Are Westies easy to trainwill keep you busy as you learn about each other and he experiences Westie training.

Puppy classes are an excellent way to begin with Westie training. You and your westie pup will be guided through a number of puppy growth stages, crate training, puppy handling, basic obedience and the socialization of your westie pup.

These are important foundation blocks for your westie and forms the basis of your ongoing relationship between you and your westie puppy

Veterinary Care

New Westie owners aren’t expected to know everything. Pick up literature from your veterinarian and turn to knowledgeable sites on the Internet for even more information, especially as your westie puppy grows.

Dog Groomer

Groomers are also a wealth of information when it comes to pet care and will explain grooming care for your puppy. Most groomers know the various dog breed cuts and can advise on what will suit your westie puppy needs.

West Highland White Terrier Clubs and Groups

As your Westie grows and matures you may need new information. Reach out to friends and family members that have owned Westies, and consider joining a Westie social media group. They can tell you a good deal about Westie health, including skin allergies and possible congenital problems.

Westie Day Care or Walker

Rely on the services of a dog walker or doggy day care professional to keep your young dog active, alert and engaged.

Your Westie will be a joy to have in your home for more than a decade. With proper care and preparation, your home will be the perfect environment to raise your puppy, and you will enjoy many years of fun and excitement with your new family addition.

Raising a Westie Puppypreparing the home for a Westie puppy

Raising a healthy Westie puppy requires the right food, training and sleeping arrangements, as well a professional advice form your vet and groomer. Now that you know how to prepare the home for raising a Westie puppy, you and your pup are guaranteed success.

Raising a Westie puppy in your home is both easy and rewarding and following the above you have fun and live in harmony.

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