Do Westies Shed?

The short answer to the question do Westies shed is no or they shed so little that they are associated with the group of small dogs that dosmall dogs that don't shedn’t shed.

If you’re looking at small dogs that don’t shed as a companion or as a family pet, west highland terriers would fill the position very well.

Westies are robust little white dogs with big personality for their size. They are always white with a double coat that shed less dander than many other small dog breeds and considered more hypoallergenic that than dogs that shed their whole coat.

Westies Are Small Dogs That Don’t Shed

Many potential dog owners hesitate to bring a canine into the family because of the dander that shedding hair dogs bring with them.

Yearning for Pet Dogs That Don’t Shed

The presence of pet dander, that fine dusting of dead skin cells from shedding dog hair travels through the air and settling on furniture and floors. This can be a real issue for some people because of the allergies it triggers and non shedding dog breeds like Westies reduce that risk.

Find A Hypoallergenic Small Dog

Do Westies Shed

In spite of the sinus and asthma problems that dander can cause, many people find themselves yearning for a non shedding and hypoallergenic dog like the Westie, also known as West Highland Terriers as their companion. This small white dog’s unflagging devotion, character and intelligence is attractive for many owners.

If you’re looking for small dogs that don’t shed, you may have found your dream dog in the Westie. In fact, the West Highland Terriers may just be the incredible small non-shedding dog you’re looking for.

Westie Coat

Your Westie should be completely white in colour. It’s the dog’s white coat that made him a prized hunting dog, and breeders today haDo Westies have hair or furve remained true to the breed standard established by Colonel Edward Donald Malcom.

West Highland Terriers have wiry white coats that are insulated; they are perfectly suited for being outdoors in the elements, although you’re going to want your cutie-pie by your side rather than out on the moors, on even running around your backyard in the damp.

When you run your hands through your dog’s coat, you should immediately notice two distinctly different types of fur. The outer coat has a rough and wiry feeling. These guard hairs protect the dog’s undercoat skin, helping to keep him clean. The undercoat feels soft and fleece-like, and it’s this coat that serves as an insulator. This undercoat is an important characteristic of small dogs that do not shed.

The Difference Between the Westie and Other Small Breeds

1. Black Westie

When looking for small dogs that do not shed, some owners confuse the West Highland Terrier with the Scottish Terrier. The Scottish Terrier is black, brindle or off-white, and this dog has a more elongated head and body than his cousin the Westie.

2. Non shedding small dogs

Other pure bred small dogs that do not shed are other terriers, miniature Schnauzers, Lhasa Apsos, Bichon Frise, Havanese, Shih Tzu, and miniature Poodles.

The difference in the dog breed you select will be its temperament and personality of character, which the Westie has plenty of!

So Do Westies Shed?

No dog is completely shed-free, but the Westie comes pretty close. When Westies do shed, they tend to have far lessDo Westies sheddander than other dogs, and their shedding is minimal.

Westies don’t blow their coats as the seasons change, but you can expect to see a bit of seasonal shed. Brushing and striping or trimming the Westie coat will further reduce the amount of loose hair from your home.

You will be delighted to know that Westies do not shed like shepherds and other herding class dogs, whose owners have to devote a considerable amount of time to shed management to avoid being covered in dog hair.

Westie Skin Problems

Westies can be prone to dry skin, so if you feel compelled to bathe your dog frequently, be aware that your routine should include a dry shampoo can preserve the natural oils in your dog’s coat without drying out his skin.
Even though the Westie does not shed, he may be allergic to fleas, mould spores (found naturally outdoors) or even certain foods, and at the first signs if itchiness, could be the start of Westie skin problems and should go to the vet for allergen identification.

Westie Allergies

Westies can also develop a yeast infection (Malassezia dermatitis) on their skin, causing the white coat to turn blackWestie allergies and even fall out, and secondary infections in places like the ears may develop.
These Westie skin conditions will need veterinary treatment for the infection in the first instance followed up later to attempt to identify the allergy causing the dermatitis. These skin problems can vary in severity and as well as the need for further treatment and ongoing management.

West Highland Terrier Coat Care and Grooming

Long Coat or Short Coat For Westie Terrier

The Westie wearing a short coat requires far less grooming than the one with a long cut. The longer cut will answer the question Do Westies shed? for you. The long guard hairs shed more and are also more noticeable.
If your dog sports a longer coat, expect to have to regularly brush and strip the coat a couple of times a year.

Grooming To Reduce Shedding

Regular grooming – something most Westies enjoy immensely – affords you the opportunity to check your dog’s skin for abrasions and external parasites, and you’ll reduce the amount of Westie shed to almost zero.

Bathing to Avoid Westie Skin Problems

small dogs that don t shed

Be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo so that you don’t dry out your dog’s skin, and avoid bathing too frequently.

Brushing Westies will easily remove most dirt from their coats unless they have rolled in “doggy delight” when bathing is the only option to remove the stain and smell!

You may be tempted to use a shampoo with a whitener, but it’s  really not necessary as Westies are bred with a white coat. Some owners like to wipe or wash their Westie’s face to freshen the pretty white coat from any stain from around the mouth and eyes from time to time.

Westie Haircut Styles

1. West Highland Terrier Style

The Westie coat should have a definitively shaped coat, and the dog’s face especially will reveal a round, sharp and distinctive edge about it.

2. The Westie Puppy Trimsmall non shedding dogs

This trim is a favourite among owners who want a Westie that does not shed. The hair is trimmed at a length of 1 -2 inches all over the body. The hair on the face is allowed to grow much longer, so it can be trimmed into the classic round shape that characterizes the Westie personality. The puppy clip make for an adorable and youthful look.

3. The Westie Trim

Most West Highland white terriers sport a traditional Westie cut, which is the breed standard accepted by American Kennel Club. In this cut, the dog’s loose undercoat is removed with a stripping knife or comb. A professional groomer wnon shedding small dogsill snip the hair on the back and shoulders with scissors until it blends into the fur on the sides and legs. This fur can be four inches in length.

The Westie face should be plucked and trimmed into a shape reminiscent of a white chrysanthemum. Done in the hands of a skilled groomer, scissoring can produce exceptional results.
This style can be labour intensive, and what’s why many owners reserve it for the show ring.

A Word About Shaving

Some Westie owners may be tempted to shave their dog’s coat if the fur has become matted or if it could be seasonally inappropriate. Be aware, though, that a shaved dog has no protection from the sun’s rays and will prone to sunburn. In addition, the shaved Westie has no coat to protect the skin from dirt and other elements. You’ll be tempted to bathe your shaved dog often, but those frequent baths will dry out the skin more quickly.

Specialist Westie Grooming

Westie skin problems

You can learn to strip your Westies coat  or the Westie trim but with time constraints we are under today you may to find a dog groomer to do this for you.

Not all groomers have experience with grooming small dogs that do not shed, so it’s best if you can find someone who specialises in Westie grooming and can either strip or clip the Westie coat. Show your groomer a picture of the desired outcome can be helpful.

Your Westie will look cute and feel great with any potential for shedding removed at the groomers.

Westies Are Small Non Shedding Dogs

Westies or West Highland Terriers are small non shedding dogs, full of personality and character. They happily small dogs that don t shedtravel, live in small or large houses and enjoy indoor and outdoor activities.

They love being involved in any family event and most certainly enjoy being right in the heart of the family.

These little white dogs are a delightful addition to any family or couple who are looking at small dogs that don’t shed.




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